Monday, December 12, 2011

Read only edit box in XPage

In XPages, for edit box there is a property called “Read-only”. This property behaves a little different from the one in normal INPUT tag in HTML. I found this out recently and also posted it on the XPages Forum.

Here is a sample code:

When you preview this XPage in a browser it looks something like this:

While the HTML Input is rendered properly and disallows any editing by user, the Edit box is rendered as a span text. I couldn’t find a straight solution to this. One workaround is to create an Output script on XPage and make the edit box read only via javascript. Here’s the code for output script:

Now the edit box is rendered as HTML Input Tag disallowing any user input.

Update 20 Jan 2012: This method would now be only applicable to 8.5.2 or previous releases as there is a new property in 8.5.3 - showReadonlyAsDisabled - which does this for you.

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