Monday, January 19, 2015

Curse you Adobe!

Its 2015 and Adobe Reader still asks for system restart when it updates itself. It greets you with a dreadful message after every update:

You must restart your system before using Adobe Reader. Click Restart Now to restart automatically.

This wasn't the first time that I got this message and I am not the only one to question this (by the way this question was asked way back in 2011).

So when I got this popup again some days back, I accidentally clicked on "Restart Now". And my PC restarted itself. With me working on 3 different Word documents and 1 Excel worksheet. With a Ubuntu running in my VM. And it didn't even ask me if I wanted to close my open programs. It simply restarted.

I initially suspected this to be a problem with Windows; that it didn't ask me to close my open programs. So when today I got a couple of updates for my Windows, it again asked me for a restart. This time I opened up a Word document tried to restart to finish installing updates. It showed me message that I have some programs running. I closed my Word document and fired up my VM running Ubuntu. Again the same message.

So it seems to me that Adobe Reader's restart uses some kind of forced restart which does not care about the programs currently running on your PC. And that's why I say —

Curse you Adobe!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Open command prompt from Windows Explorer in folder path and vice versa

Many a times you have Windows Explorer opened to a folder location and you need Command Prompt to be opened in that same location. Rather than opening Command Prompt and then navigating to the said directory there is a better way.

Hold down Shift key and right-click. Click on “Open command windows here”. This feature seems to have been present since Windows Vista.

Conversely, if you are in your Command Prompt in a specific folder and you want to open that folder in Windows Explorer then simply type in the following command: