Friday, December 16, 2011

Importing script library in Domino Designer

Domino Designer provides facility to import image resources, style sheets and file resources.

But for script libraries, there is no such option.

So when I need to import a third-party JavaScript script library I usually would create one and then copy-paste the contents into it. But there's an easier way to do it.
Open the Package Explorer in Domino Designer with menu "Window > Show Eclipse View > Other" and then selecting "Java > Package Explorer".

In your database go to "Code > ScriptLibraries". Right click on it and select "Import".

Select "General > File System" and click on "Next >". Browse to directory where your script library is stored, select it and click on "Finish". And you are done.

A word of caution here, make sure the library you are importing syntactically valid. Because if it is not then Domino Designer creates a file but it is empty and doesn't show up any warning either.

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