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In May 2011 OpenNTF announced the very first XPages development contest which inspired me to submit open source controls (and the prize of iPad for three winning entries had nothing to do with it). I haven't won any of the development contest till now but I am proud owner of these controls / code snippets.

NOTE: All the below projects / controls / snippets are available under various open source licenses. You can find them in each of the project details page. Please respect the terms and conditions laid down by those licenses.

Java Charts

Java Charts enables you to create various types of charts and display them on your XPage. It also provides you with ability to export these charts to PDF file. Java Charts uses JFreeChart to create charts and iText to export those charts to PDF file.
Key features:
  1. Java Charts v1.1 and above is available under LGPL3 so that you can use it in your proprietary applications
  2. Render charts as image so that you save them on your PC or put them in your Document / Presentation
  3. You can include the date/time on which the chart was generated for reference
  4. Export the charts to PDF files for archiving.
  5. As the charts are rendered as images, it works on all browsers & across all versions.
It has got some nice reviews also. You can download Java Charts from here.

Timeago for XPages

This control allows you to show the date-time values as “XX seconds ago”, “XX minutes ago”, “XX days ago”, “XX months ago”, “XX year ago”. You can download the project from here.

Download all attachments in a ZIP file

I always loved the feature of “Download all attachments” in Gmail. So I decided we should have this option available in XPages also. This code snippet allows you to do exactly that using the ZIP APIs of Java. You can download the entire code either in SSJS or Java. If you are too lazy to implement it then you can download the sample database from here.

Image Cropper

Image cropper allows you to upload images and crop it (using Image Cropper UI by David Spurr). You would have seen this tool when you upload your profile pictures in Facebook. In addition to cropping images it allows you to add gray scale filter and round the corners of uploaded image.
You can download the project from here.

Drag-and-drop attachment links from file download control to OS for download

Getting inspired from this article I created this small snippet which modifies the download links in file download control so that if the user drags-n-drops them on the OS, they are downloaded at that location. This similar functionality is provided by Google in Gmail attachments. As of now this code snippet works only in Google Chrome. You can download the snippet from here.

Check / Uncheck all check boxes in check box group

This tiny code snippet does what it says. It was born when I answered a question on StackOverflow. You can download the snippet from here.

Make floating Banner, Title Bar and Place Bar in Application Layout control of Extension Library

The idea here is to make the Banner, Title Bar and Place Bar in Application Layout control of Extension Library floating so that if the user scrolls they remain static at top while the content scrolls. This little CSS snippet lets you do just that. You can download it from here.

Go previous and next in Pager control using left and right arrow keys

This simple JavaScript code lets you to control the Pager control using the left and right arrow keys to move between previous and next pages. You can download the script from here.

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