Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Export Lotus Notes documents to Microsoft Word

For a requirement I was looking for exporting Lotus Notes documents to Microsoft Word. I found some help here and here. The former one uses Word.Application while the latter does something with user32.dll. But I was looking for something which was not dependent on external software. Then I came across @Command([FileExport]). A little help from the discussion here, I was able to devise a simple solution to it.

Lets say, you have a form fUserProfile that you want to export to a Word file. First create a copy of that form and name it, say, fUserProfile_Export. In PostOpen event of the fUserProfile_Export form enter the following formula.

Get the text back on Gmail buttons

Ever since Gmail launched its new look there have been some positive, some negative and some extremely negative reactions. But what I really hated was the fact that now there were only icons present instead of labels on the buttons. Worse, there was no way to get it back!

But now Google has finally added a setting so that you can get the text back on buttons. On the top-right you will find gear icon (Settings), click on it and from the popup menu click on Settings.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

24Online client crashes with Avast antivirus

Recently when I moved from AVG antivirus to Avast antivirus, I couldn't use my 24Online Client as it used to crash every time I started it. The only way to start it was to disable Avast, start the 24Online Client and then enable Avast again. A real pain! After a bit of trial-and-error I found the solution.

Go to the main screen of Avast. From there go to "REAL-TIME SHIELDS > Web Shield". Click on the "Expert Settings button".