Monday, December 12, 2011

Google + Snaptu = Trouble + Confusion

Recently I discovered a beautiful mobile app called Snaptu. It enables users to access variety of services from a single screen like - Facebook, Twitter, News, etc.

There is a very good application for Google Calendar which allows you to add / modify you calendar events. This is actually much better than the Google Calendar for mobile with ability to add events specifying date / time.

But after some days when I accessed my Gmail from browser I got a message that my account was recently accessed from UK....!!!!

A bit worried, I used an IP Address Locator and found that the IP indeed belonged to UK to some website called RackSpace which is basically used for hosting services on web. Now I Googled for "Snaptu RackSpace" and got this link. It basically says that Snaptu is hosted on RackSpace. PHEW! :)

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