Sunday, December 11, 2011

Creating round cornered border table/image in Lotus Notes

Recently I found a property in Domino Designer that you can (actually!!) put a round border to your table. There is a simple table property that enables you to do that.

Adjust the thickness of table border so that the round table image is visible. I have used the following image for the example.

So basically you could have a square / rectangular round cornered image and Lotus Notes will take care of the rest. To create filled round cornered tabled just create an image of filled round cornered table and set that as image border of the table. Then set background color of table same as the color of filled round corner table. Also this property is available for images added to your form. So you could have something like this:

The settings are same as the one that you have to set for a table. And yes... this property does NOT work on web!

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