Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Editable authors field will auto-populate with current user's name

While working on a Notes client based application, I came across an interesting scenario. Let's say you have an editable Authors field on your form. If you open that form in Lotus Notes client then the current user name automatically appears in the field. But if you put in the field's name itself in the Default value formula then the field appears blank. My tests concluded that, this behavior is shown only by Authors field and not Readers field. Plus, I couldn't find this behavior documented in the help documentation.

Stumped, I posted this question on StackOverflow and Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 Forum. Ken Pespisa was able to offer a logical answer by the following statement, "The value in the Authors item will be the list of users/groups that have access to the document. If the field wasn't editable or didn't get altered in any other way and a user comes in, creates a document, and then saves, that user would then no longer have access to it (assuming Author rights here). So it makes sense to put the creator of the document in that field so they will have access to it by default." While I was able to confirm this behavior on R8.5.3 Ken confirmed it on R6.

So I guess this is the default behavior, but I still don't get it why it isn't in the help documentation.

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